Not For Profit

Civil Society is a driving force in the Energy Transition towards more sustainable outcomes. ETA seeks to carry out research and advise the Not For Profit sector on key financial issues such as carbon risk, cleaner energy trends and policy in the context of climate change. The “Inevitable Policy Response” to climate change is a key focus.

ETA has established a strategic relationship with the Carbon Tracker Initiative to look at carbon risk in a financial perspective. The ability to work with the Not For Profit sector including the public sector on topics such as policy and also on cleaner energy is a key focus.

For Profit

The Energy Transition will be one of the most significant economic and infrastructure trends in the next 50 years. Ranging from Mining, Utility, Manufacturing and Finance industries there will be major financial implications. The impact on land use is an important focus.

Carbon and environmental risk will affect the economy across many sectors and ETA is positioned to look at the financial implications of this within the context of energy market trends. This includes the ability to look at the macro strategic trends for industries and connect those right down to the corporate and project level. Working on analyzing risk for the financial sector in terms of investments is a key focus.